Artillery Challenge 1999

The 4th Annual Artillery Challenge was held at the Bedford Range on the 10th and 11th of April, 1999.  Hosted by 1 Field Artillery, RCA, the competition consisted of nine service rifle matches selected from the 12 National Championship matches fired at the Canadian Forces Small Arms Championship in Ottawa every summer.  Teams from the Canadian Navy, 1 Field Artillery, the Princess Louise Fusiliers, the Nova Scotia Rifle Association, and 723 Communications Squadron competed for the top 4-member, top 8-member, top individual and top tyro (beginner shot) trophies.

The matches consisted of deliberate (ie target) shooting at 200, 300 and 500 yards in the prone position, snap shooting (target exposed for 3 seconds, firing one shot per exposure) at 200 yards sitting and 300 yards prone, rapid shooting (10 shots in 30 seconds) from the prone position at 200, 300 and 500 yards, and a rundown match from 300 to 200 yards, where you must shoot twice at a target in 8 seconds from the kneeling position.


The top 8 member team was 1 Field Artillery, the top individual shot was won by Mr. Ken Ferguson of the NSRA team, and the top tyro (beginner) was won by Fusilier Colin Strangward of the Princess Louise Fusiliers.

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