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Tukok Classroom reduced.jpg
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Date: 8/20/07 12:00 AM
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August 20, 2007 Hi there As a follow-up to my email from the weekend, here are some more pictures. One is where Robert taught the 5 day traffic course. This tukook was constructed by the UN which is why it is a little nicer than the others. The other picture is of Robert instructing. This is the first course woman were allowed to attend so that was a major change. In other news, Robert will be heading to Khartoum for meetings for two days but because of the odd flights from the South to the capital he will be gone from Yei for 6 days even though he is only in the Khartoum for 2 days. He leaves the South on Wednesday. While in the capital they are going to go about one hour away from the capital city to see some of the Sudanese pyramids. While similar to the ones in Egypt, they are smaller. That's all Paula