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August 23, 2007 I am currently in Juba (capital of the south Sudan and Regional UNHQ for the south). I am on my way up to Khartoum (capital of the north of Sudan and mission UNHQ) for the Canadian contingent meeting/medal parade. Things are going good for me here. I am back in the grove of work and enjoying my time. At the same time there is uncertainty here in the mission. There is potential that we (Mark Galloway and I) could be sent to the new mission in Darfur, United Nations / African Union Mission In Darfur (UNAMID) as part of the new heavy package hybrid mission. We would be the Canadian Police contribution. We are not entirely sure if it will happen or not, things are changing everyday. I have not told Paula about the possible transfer yet because I do not want to worry about things that have not happened or may not happen, so if you could keep it to the Army only it would be great. I am guess everyone is just about home now from Afghanistan. I have read that three Van Doo's have been killed, two yesterday and one a week ago, not a good start to their mission. I was reading the "Direct From Afghanistan" blog that Capt Rhonda Matthews types, very interesting. I am glad a PLF person was able to post their thoughts (thou proof read by the comd I'm sure) on the Internet. I am curious about any course in the February and beyond time-line. I know it is early to ask but I would like to get on a 3 Alpha as soon as possible. Not to mention Sargent ranks would look much better for my wedding, that's how I am selling going on the 3A course to Paula, she isn't too concerned thou.. hahaha. I have attached a photo of me in a graduation photo. I bet you will have a hard time picking me out of the photo. I recently instructed a five day course for the Sudanese Police with the focus on Traffic related Policing. The course was 39 participants and the biggest success is that five female Police Officers participated and completed the course. It is the first time female Officers were allowed to attend training. I tested participants knowledge with a final exam to determine those who pass or failed. There was no failures and this is the first time an exam was used by the UN Police to grade the participants. over all the course was complete success. The UN Police now want to use my course as a model for other.