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Mogwo Payam Robert UN.jpg
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Date: 8/28/07 12:00 AM
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September 1, 2007 Hello Attached are pictures of Robert's Sudan medal and accompanying certificate. The certificate details what the colours mean. He has been out on several patrols this week to a village which is about 80km away but takes more 2 hours to get there because of the poor roads. He and the Malaysian officer are meeting with local police officials on how to improve the police protection and training. Attached is a photo when is in Mogwo Payam and below is his description... "This is me next to my UN Nissan Patrol SUV in Mogwo Payam (Mogwo Village). You can see the small mountain behind me, it is deep in the jungle there.... the only clearings are where the roads are made and where the locals cut down the trees for their clearings." Bye Paula