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Resolution: 2160x1440
File size: 501150 bytes
Date: 8/25/07 6:36 PM
Flash: 25
Focal length: 24.0mm
Exposure time: 1/90s
Aperture: 4.8
Metering mode: 1
Sensor type: OneChipColorArea
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August 28, 2007 Hello Robert is back from the capital ad his meetings. He returned to Yei today. He was presented his Sudan medal while in Khartoum. He will receive his peacekeeping medal when he returns home. He said he did have a few pictures taken and will send them sometime soon. When I receive I will forward on. The medal ceremony was very informal as the RCMP officer who is their contingent commander knows nothing of proper protocol (according to Robert) so she just presented them to them and have a handshake. Ah well, the way I see it, he received one of his medals and we all know that is one of his motivations for being there. Not much else new. He enjoyed his time away from Yei and said it helped break up the time. Tomorrow it is back to the same. he spent a few days in Juba on both ends as it is the stopping point to Khartoum. There he met a retired NYC police officer who has completed missions in Afghanistan and Iraq worked for a private company. Robert said he spent 3 years in Iraq. Not sure who would want to do that but the guy said it paid very well. Big $$$$$$$$$. Anyway, this guy will spent about 2 years in Sudan. Some people love it I guess. Robert said that while the money may be good he would never consider that option as it is not sanctioned by the Queen and there is no medal for those types of missions. Ah...that is my Robert...always looking at the bigger picture. I have attached a recent picture of our dog Aero. She is quite a beauty and growing fast. I send Robert pictures of her 3 times a week so he can watch her grow. Bye for now, Paula