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Resolution: 2832x2128
File size: 1909743 bytes
Date: 9/2/07 4:59 AM
Flash: 24
Focal length: 12.4mm
Exposure time: 1/320s
Aperture: 3.2
Metering mode: Evaluative
Sensor type: OneChipColorArea
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September 16, 2007 Hi all, Robert just completed a week of nights shifts on Saturday. Night shifts in Yei are from 2pm to 10pm. He said that he enjoyed the change as he could get his laundry done in the morning and also go for a run as it often rains late in the afternoon when he normally works 8 to 5pm and he misses his chance to go running. This past week they were in a bit of the fuel crisis as the UN had not arranged for diesel to arrive so all patrols and training were cancelled. Also any un-necessary driving was not allowed as there was not enough fuel to run the vehicles at the Training site. They were down to 800 put it in perspective they should have about 5000 liters accessible at all times as a buffer. That said the UN used a helicopter to bring in 2000 liters on Thursday and I believe will be arranging another delivery or two this week. Since Robert was on night shift it did not impact him that much as he was stationary for last week but some of Mark's patrols to villages outside Yei were postponed. This week Robert will be back on patrols Monday thru Saturday and traveling out to some remote villages. No doubt it will be another interesting experience. That is all for now, Paula P.S. While recently going through the village he snapped some pictures of the local beef cattle for me to share with my father. Needless to say the Sibley cows look nothing like these. I thought you may be interested so I have attached them.