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Resolution: 2832x2128
File size: 1077285 bytes
Date: 6/13/07 10:45 AM
Flash: 25
Focal length: 6.3mm
Exposure time: 1/60s
Aperture: 2.8
Metering mode: Evaluative
Sensor type: OneChipColorArea
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Hi all Robert and Mark finally received the first groups of packages that Cathy and I sent to each of them. Needless to say they were thrilled. They also received the 6 boxes of food they purchased from the Cdn military person that was leaving the country so the eating will be good for the next while. Robert will be receiving more packs from me and may receive another as early as next week. To celebrate, Robert and Mark hosted a little party..see excerpt from his email to me below... "Mark and I hosted the first ever Yei River County Crop Training Centre Movie Night in the Western Block. Long name/title I know, I have to work on it. We watched one of Tony's movies Bad Boyz, on Alex Muller's (German Air Force Officer) laptop, he has much louder speakers and a larger screen than I do. Mark and I served Pringle's, peanuts and crackers (I still have my Pringle's for next time). There was Mark, Alex, Yan (Swedish Police), Boren (Denmark Navy, aka The Admiral) and myself. We set up the laptop on a table outside and we all sat in chairs on our lawn watching the movie under the night sky. Everyone enjoyed them self's very much. We were lucky too, we had a natural light show the entire time, there was a lightning storm without rain during the movie. Once the movie ended and we cleaned up it then started to pour down rain, for the entire night. perfect timing on our part and natures part.. hahaha." Clearly they are making the best of it over there and I am glad to see them having some fun. Today they are teaching a class at the local police station so at least they get to be indoors. Attached is a picture of Robert and Mark cooking outside in the compound. You can Clearly tell both have lost some weight.