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Date: 9/3/07 12:00 AM
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September 4, 2007 Hi there, I have also attached some pictures from his patrol earlier in the week to Mogwo. He and Zam met with local police via an interpreter as none speak English...only the local tribal dialect. Attached is a picture of a one year old girl from a village he visited on patrol. You will notice flies all over he face. Robert said this is common and the children do not even brush them away. No wonder malaria spreads rapidly through these villages. He went on another patrol to a more remove village and said it was even more primitive than the other. He said most people are naked and wear only the tribal jewelry and face paint. He said yesterday (Monday) that it rained the hardest it has since he has been in country. He made a boat...well kind of...see his description from an email excerpt below. "It started to rain at just after 5 pm local time. It never stopped raining until 6:45 am today. I have never seen so much rain come down so long for so long ever. I guess we are really in the rainy season now. I made a ship out of the granola bar box you sent with some tape and named it the SS ARC-UNMIS and sent it sailing away from my room door in the mount around our building. The ship went past all our rooms and continued out into the field where the mount drains, but it was lake at that point and it continued to float away. The ship was probably stopped by the perimeter fence eventually." We are trying to schedule leave together but with recent acquisitions that my company made I must be here to manage communications and cannot be away or out of the country for an extended period of time so he may come home in October and then we bump our Egypt trip to early December. Anyway, I go with the flow. As long as I am close to him I am a happy girl. Plus, our abby lab is now 23.6 pounds and she misses the man of the house. That is all, Paula